The Journal

The journal is a customizable booklet, is a scrapbook where women can write as much as they want about their self and their health. The book is structured in order to give to the user the possibility of adding personal informations, pictures and notes. A personal diary to tell about their story or daily life, an intimate place designed for journaling but at the same time informative. Writing can be a healing process to help women get in touch with their deepest yearnings, find resolve for problems, and deal with personal issues.  journal-01 journal-02




This Journal, fun and intimate, will put each woman at the center  by letting their personal stories and needs be the core of it. A series of important information will be populating the journal together with a lot of free space for thoughts and free writing.

Mock-up-JournalKeeping journals is very common among women, In fact, recent research has found that a whopping 83 percent of girls aged 16 to 19 — more than eight in 10 female high school upperclassmen — archive their lives in a private notebook.



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