The Health book series


This personal health work book would help newly-insured women take charge of their health care by giving them:

  1. A place to record important facts about their health and their health care providers
  2. A place to write down their personal health goals, such as preventing pregnancy or getting pregnant, losing weight, stopping smoking and managing diabetes or HIV.
  3. A step-by-step guide to getting started using their new health insurance, including:
    1. The important information that is printed on your health insurance card, such as your member id number, the member services telephone number for questions, and the amount of co-pays for office visits (OV) and emergency room visits (ER).
    2. The importance of paying the monthly premium (if you have one – not if you are on Medicaid), just like you pay rent or a cell phone bill, so your health plan won’t be canceled.
    3. How to find a primary care doctor, ob-gyn or women’s health clinic that are in your health plan’s network and why it is important to use providers in the network.
    4. A summary of key women’s preventive services that a woman should make sure to get, and information about how there should be no co-pays for these services.
    5. Explanations of co-pays, deductibles and other confusing health insurance terms.
    6. What to do if in case of a health emergency, like serious illness or an accident.
  4. Pockets in which to store copies of their doctors’ or clinics’ business cards, doctors’ recommendations about diet and exercise, women’s health fact sheets and so on. (For example, there are some good fact sheets here:





After a series of brainstorming we realized that this book has a big potential, not only it gives to women the possibility to collect and organize documents and write their own journal, it gives to the organization the possibility to create workshop in which women will be informed about the Health insurance while they customize the book itself.

Create interesting event around this topic is very hard, but using the customization of the box as a catalyst, women can share their stories among them and with professionals while they make their own book.

The DIY culture has always been present among women, sharing abilities and know-how have always played an important role in women’s life and in women’s history.  With this book I wanted not only solve a problem but also celebrate this behavior.


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