First Ideas

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Design considerations: We would like to have both paper and digital versions of this work book. We want women to be able to customize it, with photos of themselves and their families, colorful stickers, drawings, affirmations or whatever is important to them. In a sense, it would be like the scrapbooks that are so popular with many women. We also want to make it possible to add pages to the work book, as we write new sections. The text has to be simple, easy to read and conform to literacy guidelines. We have to keep the cost of producing the paper version relatively low, so we can produce enough of them.

concept- theme


1- How life would be different with or without coverage

2- A fun video explaining “stupid” or hard to understand insurance terms



A paper memory or family health book (creating an object that makes health care personal to the family, almost like a baby book) then making that book digital through an app that could allow users to download health news and updates. The idea is also that the book would lend itself to storytelling as families chronicle their health, and could be collected for future videos. Next


The idea everyone liked the most was the that of creating  step is to decide video or book/app.



bucket themes – call with RWV regional coordinators

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.02.44 PMthose themes are the result from the call with regional coordinators. After this meeting I realized that we are facing two different problems:

1- how to talk to those who don’t have a plan and so are not covered

2- how to literate those who are covered but have difficulties on understanding how the health insurance works.


Questions for regional coordinators

Questions for regional coordinators:


  1. What are the greatest obstacles for the women you serve in understanding and effectively using the new health insurance plans being offered under the Affordable Care Act?
  2. What are key messages and concepts you think we should communicate to your constituency in this campaign?
  3. What are the best ways to reach your constituency, such as social media, text messaging, flyers, posters in Laundromats and beauty parlors?